What is RAMA?

RAMA is a community of Asian American Pacific Islander individuals and their allies who are passionate about forging a new and unique Pan Asian American identity – one that takes the rich traditional culture we have been endowed with and synthesizes it with the modern Western world that surrounds us  – to reflect the authentic realities of who we are today. Our goal is to create safe and supportive spaces in which we encourage each other to pursue our passions, own our unique identities, and show off the amazing people we are, without apology. We do this with the belief that a truly empowering and authentic identity will humanize everyone around it, and will not dehumanize anyone based on race, class, culture, immigration status, gender, ability, or sexual orientation.

Check out our monthly parties and weekly workshops if you’re looking for inspiration and empowerment in discovering and owning your unique identity, thriving in your work, passion projects, and relationships, and doing so in community with other awesome, passionate individuals!