What is Rama all about, and how can I get involved?

Rama Community’s intent is to provide a space and a platform for Asian voices/faces to be seen and heard in their best light. Our hope is that in finding safety and acceptance in a community of other Asians and supportive allies, we will gain the confidence and inspiration to create a new Asian American identity together.

We want to empower one another to own and be proud of who we are, whatever our ethnic background is, and feel inspired to pursue our passions with unapologetically authentic expression. In order to thrive in our jobs and communities, many of us leave our Asian sides at home every time we go out into the world. This has enabled many of us to be “successful,” by society’s standards, but this kind of dissociation with ourselves has rendered us invisible in so many ways – both to ourselves and to others. Given this, our intent is to create a different kind of place where people can bring all parts of themselves – socially and creatively – and figure out how to be and create as an integrated, whole person – both Asian and American.

Rama is:

1) “Rama Party.” A concept. An inclusive, welcoming, and fun house party for Pan Asian Americans and their allies that carves out time and space for people to share their passion projects and get feedback and encouragement from one another in the hopes that it will pave the way for an “Asian American Renaissance.” Rama parties can be held anywhere at any time in anyone’s home.

2) “Rama Community.” A family. A group of individuals who meet at Rama parties that want to give and find support around integrating all parts of who they are into their work, passions, and creative pursuits. These individuals can build friendships, go to events together (random events, events they perform at, events they create), support one another (interpersonally and creatively), collaborate and create new things together, culturally synthesize together, bounce ideas off of each other, throw Rama Parties together.

Ultimately, we are not an organization, we a community of friends trying to live purposeful and fulfilling lives with support from one another in the hopes of paving the way for a self-curated Asian American identity that is no longer dictated by Hollywood. The reason we have a “title” (named after ancient Indian epic, Ramayana, detailing Rama’s journey from darkness into light) for our community is simply to serve as a reminder for what ultimately brings us together – collectively walking out of darkness into light – overcoming toxic invisibility as we own and show the incredible Asians AND Americans that we are.

So how can you get involved? How can you help or contribute? All of that will depend on what your unique gifts, passions, and skills are that you want to share with the community. If you’re a musician who wants to collaborate musically, you can reach out to musicians you met at a party or host an open jam session. Or even create something yourself and inspire us with it at a future party! If you are an entrepreneur or want to start a business, you can tap new friends for ideas or feedback – or even find a business partner or staff! If you’re passionate about discussing cultural/political/social/Asian American issues, you can facilitate a discussion group or start a book club. If you want to support Asian American media, you can host AAPI movie nights. If you’re performing a show or teaching a class, invite us! We are happy to promote your event on our page. If you love cooking, you can collaborate with other cooking enthusiasts to create a new dish, teach one of your favorites, or share tips and ideas. If you love throwing parties, host a Rama Party! If you like connecting people, bring a mixer for us to do at a party. If you prefer being behind the scenes you can help with clean up or tear down before or after the parties, you can contribute to food prep, you can make a playlist for background music. If you’re an organizer, create your own Rama Family! The possibilities are endless. Just as we want to encourage creativity in your every day lives, you can also be creative about how you enter and participate in Rama Parties or in the Rama Community.

Feel free to reach out for more info and to find out about future Rama Community events!